2006 NEWS - Archive:

[05 Dec] BOOK NOW for the Mozambique Fly-out 2007: 16-21 May

[03 Dec] Rudi went on a trip in Dolph's RV10 to Eva's Field in the beautiful Kwa-Zulu Natal

[01 Dec] Dolph sent me some of the first 'test flight' pictures of the 2nd RV10 in South Africa ZU-DIX she belongs to Simon Dix

[20 Nov] Jan, Attie and Deon's RV7A ZU-JAD gets its final colours and trim

[16 Nov] RV Fly-in at Delta Hawk Margate 16 & 17 December:

Louis and Dolph have “finalised” the fly-in to Margate for December. The intention is to have it at Louis and Des’ private strip Delta Hawk just to the north east of Margate airfield.

[19 Oct] Add for Robin Coss:

Robin decided to take out another small add for his RV flight training, see left, this small add helps to pay the operational costs for this website, in order to ensure it is kept alive. It is also pretty useful for our RV community. I am sure he is going to get a lot of RV conversion requests...

[09 Oct] ZU-JAD First flight:

Jan, Attie & Deon: 7 October is the big day of ZU-JAD's first flight. And so there is another RV flying! We met with Chalkie Stobbart at Brits and first of all he went through the whole AC with magnifying glasses. Obviously he did find a few snags, but nothing that could stop the attempt to do the maiden flight. With the first proper run-up the oil pressure was too high and the vacuum the same. So we then adjusted the oil pressure and disconnected the pump as it was not needed as we have a Dynon EFIS. Then Chalkie taxied out again and immediately took off! I cannot explain the feelings that went through the three of us. All I can say is that will forever be one of the highlights of our lives. I would also like to salute Chalkie - what a guy and what a test pilot! Last but not least - we are very thankful and would to thank the Good Lord for this opportunity. I would also like to thank our wives, everyone present and all our friends for their support!

Here is a short video link of their flight: http://www.tilt-tech.co.za/Images_rv7a/ZU_JAD_Fly.mpg




The RV Grin

[06 Oct] John Miller sent me a very nice professional photo of Danny de Wit's F1 Rocket.

[02 Oct] Dolph sent some photo's of his Trip to the West Coast and around Cape point


[26 Sep] Jan, Attie and Deon are almost Ready to Fly. Be sure to visit their website with some nice pictures of the build process. They also made a video of the first engine start (Small / Big). Below is a picture of their paint job excluding registration numbers. We'll get more details on this one in the next month or so.

[13 Sep] Updated the Gluing your Canopy article and added the SA Weather at a glance page.

[6 Sep] Updated the Completed RV's Section with some new RV's and photos and instrument panels of RV's at Sun'n'Fun

[5 Sep] Updated the Botswana Fly-out with some Awesome new Pictures of the Falls

[4 Sep] Added an Article /E mails about Gluing your Canopy

[3 Sep] Updated the LOP Article/Email with new info from Avweb

[2 Sep] Pictures and Story of the Rustenburg Sun and Fun fly-in (13 Rv's Flew in with some very nice pictures taken)

[1 SEP] Added a Picture of Roy Liebenberg's RV6 in the Completed RV's section

[31 Aug] Pictures and Story about the Botswana Victory Falls Fly-out that happened in August:

[30 Aug] Added Pictures of Robert Du Plooy's imported RV4, and included it completed RV's

25 Aug] Website change of Name, New Logo and New email group:

  • Well Dolph and I put some money towards a good domain name and registered www.rvclubsa.com for the next 5 years.

  • I changed the Logo to reflect the new name, I hope you guys like it.

  • I will move all you guys to a new email group rvclubsa@yahoogroups.com so that we can stay in touch. Yahoo-groups let you manage your own account, you can choose individual emails, daily digest, or no emails which you can read on the web then. You can even unsubscribe at your own will. Only members can send and receive emails, so that would help eliminate spam email. To subscribe send an email to rvclubsa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

23 Aug] Added a nice picture of ZU-DLZ sent to me by Leon Bornman. Click on the small image for a larger version.

[22 Aug]First Article uploaded: Flying LOP with Dolph and Chalkie in ZU-TEN

[25 June]Bob Griffiths' RV7A is flying!

Bob:"We have so far flown 2.4 hours although Cape Town weather is hampering progress but so far I am completely satisfied. If anyone wants to discuss their or my project with me my E Mail address is bobg (AT) sweetorr (DOT) co (DOT) za. More details on the Completed RV's section

[7 July]Added a Picture of Dave Kings RV6 in the Completed RV's section

[6 June]Pictures of Dolph Kruger's RV10 ZU-TEN the first one in South Africa and 30th world wide: UPDATE - Dolph sent some professional photos Taken by John miller

[25 May] Planned Victory Falls/Botswana Fly-in (Provisionally 17-20 August 2006)

[05 Apr] Uploaded pictures and write up of the Western Cape Fly-in event held in March 2006.

[27 Mar] Updated the latest RV information in the Completed and Builders List

[Mar 23] Lalibella Fly Inn 2006 is planned for 19-21 May 2007, contact Tony Bailes on his number on the left if you are interested.

[Mar 13]: Dolph Kruger's RV10 - ZU-TEN is flying! The first one in South Africa and only the 30th one world wide. Expect some more details on this one soon

[Feb 13]: Chris Lotter,s RV7A is almost ready to fly. He has been building for 3 years and 1 month and estimate completion at the end of March. He bought Chalkie Stobbart's O-360 with VP prop. Van's engine instruments throughout and steam driven flying instruments. Trutrak VSII autopilot.