The Following is a list of the Completed RV's in South Africa.

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First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  


George  Brink RV4 Rand ZU-RVF   NO patience so I imported "The Meercat" a 1998 Vans RV4 built by Jeff Sharman USA. 180hp IO-360, 72" Hartzell VP prop and soon to be fitted full glass panel (VM1000, BMA Efis/Lite G3 and autopilot).
Johan & Michelle Kotze RV4 Virginia ZU-RVY    
Stephen Onions RV4 Whats Landing ZU-DSC    
Paul Quick RV4 Brakpan ZU-AVM    
? ? RV4   ZU-BYS     SOLD
John Strick RV4 Brits ZU-CDK    
Robert & Pierre Du Plooy RV4 Brakpan ZU-RVP   Imported from USA Barnstormers.  "Rocket style" turtle deck. Lycoming O-360 engine breathing air through an Ellison carb. The prop is a 3 bladed MT (short) 150cm prop...was originally used on a Midget Mustang II. Rocky Mountain encoder tells me that my TAS is 170 kts. Garmin 250XL takes me there via a Navaid AP1 with Alt Hold and 3 axis electric trimmers.


First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  


Dave Mundell RV6 Kitty Hawk ZU-JHA  
Chris Amstutz RV6 Somerset West ZU-DHI    
Loyd Bentley RV6 Springs ZU-RVV   Exported to Australia
? ? RV6 Kitty Hawk ZU-BDX    


Noel Drew RV6 Cato Ridge ZU-APF  

RV6 ZU-APF flew in May 1995 making it the first RV to fly locally.  It was made from a 1991 kit with all holes needing to be drilled. It has now flown about 600 hours and has its second windscreen, second undercarriage and improved ignition for the 0-320. So far it has cost its passengers plenty as many now fly their own RVs.  It is a great source of joy. (Update: Sadly Written Off)





RV6 Cape Town ZU-BSU   This was the third completed RV in South Africa. It probably has the highest hours at approximately 900 hours, and is still going strong!




RV6 Beulah Lodge ZU-BLD      
Jan Jefferiss RV6 Durban        
Dave King RV6 Brakpan ZU-BVC    
Roy Liebenberg RV6 Cape St Francis ZU-CMO    
Alan Pharoah RV6 Brits ZU-BSO    





RV6 Virginia ZU-CXI   Mervyn purchased a quickbuild kit which he completed in 2 1/2 years. Noel Drew test flew the aircraft on 23 August 2003 and since then we have flown over 300 hours. It has an O 320 B2C 160 hp Lycoming and Hartzell constant speed prop. The panel is fitted with normal basic flight instrumentation, a Grand Rapids Engine Monitor, Navaid wing leveller linked to a GPS, Icom Radios and Transponder. Final weight is 1070 lbs. Performance is as per Van's figures.
Chalkie Stobbart RV6 Brits ZU-EAA    
Theuns Welgemoed RV6 Capetown ZU-DHP  
 Farren Hiscutt  RV6A Stellenbosch ZU-BMU    
Dolph Kruger RV6A Kitty Hawk ZU-CJJ   ZU-CJJ is a RV6A one of the few A's flying in SA. I have clocked 340 hours since 31 January 2002 when it first flew. It is equipped with a Lycoming 360 180 hp and a Sensenich fixed pitched prop developed specifically for the RV's. Excellent choice of a prop if you want to keep it simple. Inside the normal basic instrumentation for night Vmc flying with Garmen 295 gps and Trutrac autopilot, Garmin transponder and altitude encoder, Icom radio and Rocky Mountains engine monitoring system
Hennie Swanepoel RV6A Springs        
George Morphis RV6A Cato Ridge ZU-SON  

This one belongs to George Morphis who has a airstrip of his own at Alverstone just next to the radio mast.  It has a new 0-320 and turns a CS prop.

Andy  Lawrence RV6    

Andy: "After 6 and a half years my very slow build RV6 kit finally took to the air in the capable hands of Chalkie Stobbart! Flies straight and level hands off and no snags!! The plane is powered by a Lyc 0360 with a Hartzell VP prop. Hope to see you at the next RV fly in!" - RV Grinning Andy Lawrence

Chris  Abram RV6 Margate 3D-VAN  



First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  






RV7 Port Elizabeth ZU-MAD  
Hubi Moltke RV7   ZU-VRV ZU-VRV has been built in 18 months, weighed in just over 1100 pounds. It has an O360 , with an Air Flow Performance fuel injection system, LASAR mags, Constant speed Hartzell and very capable instrumentation geared up for IFR. It is a truly stunning airplane and I could not be happier.
Robin  Coss RV7A   ZU-DJH  
Craig Lindhorst RV7 Whats Landing        
Bob Griffiths RV7A Stellenbosh ZE-EAS The aircraft was built by Damon Van Niekerk of Robin Coss Aircraft. I wanted simplicity so went for the following configuration: Engine: Mattituck 0-360 180 HP carburetted. Prop: Fixed pitch Sensenich
Panel: Glass Cockpit Dynon 180, backed up by selected analog Flying Instuments and fairly comprehensive analog Engine Instruments.
Radio: ICOM plus transponder. Autopilot Trutrac
Chris Hardisty RV7A Kenya  5Y-BTE   First Flight 29 Dec 2005: Lycoming O-360, Standard VFR Panel, Empty Weight 1055lbs
    RV7   ZU-EAR  
Cliff Lotter RV7 Klerksdorp ZU-RVS    




Van der Berg



180 HP Superior engine, fuel injected, Dual Lasar electronic ignition, Sensenich Fixed pitch metal propeller, Equipment - everything but running hot and cold water



RV7A   ZU-RVZ Chris: "1 week later and she now has 25 hours! Kit 71554 Superior XP-360 engine Sensenich Fixed pitch prop Dynon D100 EFIS Dynon D120 EMS Digiflight II Autopilot with a/hold 2 x Icom A200 Comms Garmin 296 Garmin GMA340 Xponder mode C Garmin Audio Panel And a healthy overdraft!!!! But she's brilliant"



RV7A   A2-RVS   Dave: "A2-RVS is the first RV to be built and registered in Botswana. She started as a quick-build and 28 months and 2200 hours later she flew....The aircraft is equipped with 'steam driven' Van's instruments, Trio autopilot with altitude hold, Avmap GPS, single Icom radio, transponder and powered by a TMX 0-360 with constant speed Hartzell prop."




Two and half years of very early mornings, busy weekends and many stolen hours during the day and the job looks done. Installed is the ‘advanced’ EFIS, Trutrak autopilot 11, Avmap GPS, and a few backup steam gauges. Swept back Hartzel CS prop on a fuel injected IO360 MIB Lycoming with Lasar ignition. On the insistence of my son Greg – all rivets are filled. Every aspect of the build has been great fun with the exception of the painting which seemed to never be finished. My wife would advise all couples to buy in preference to building.


van Zyl


It's got a new RCA Lycoming ( O-360-A4M ) engine with roller tappet technology from Robin Coss. Sensenich fixed pitch propeller2 x Enigmas from MGL Avionics for navigation and engine monitoring, fuel flow and GPS, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, Garmin SL 40 Com Radio, Vans airspeed indicator analogue, analogue VSI and Altimeter and IPOD dock. Nav lights, landing lights, taxi lights and strobes. Interiors from Classic Aero design in Albany, Oregon: 2-Tone grey and red Aviator leather seats with matching grey carpeting, map pockets with soundproof carpeting. Paint job by Robin Coss Aviation.





RV7A Port Elizabeth ZU-MER


Angelo Lupinin RV7A Springs ZU-EXN

Robin Coss completed Angelo's RV7A. It has an XP-IO-360 with fixed pitch prop.

Rudi Greyling RV7 Springs ZU-LUZ Nick Named RV 'Zulu' 7. A slow build 2,500 hours and 3 years. Fitted with an XP-IO-360 and Fixed Pitch. Simple Clean Glass panel with a Dynon D100 & 120, Trutrack AP, and Garmin Radio & Transponder, and an AVMAP GPS. RV 'Zulu' 7 won grand champion kit build and grand champion overall at the EAA sun and fun at bloemfontein during 2008. For more info go to




RV7 Lanseria ZU-FCC Jointly owned by Neil Vorster and Neil Jackson, purchased the aircraft from Steve Patterson who had it built by Robin Coss. He emigrated to USA and took the AC with him. Then for reasons unknown to he decided to re-sell it. Robin Coss then imported the AC back to RSA and sold it to us on his behalf.
Nico Coetzee RV7   ZU-NJC

Mattituck IO-360 C/S, Interior by Aero Classic Design, Dynon EMS 120, Dynon EFIS D100, Garmin Audio Panel. Garmin SL30, Garmin 327 Transponder, Garmin 296, Trutrak Auto Pilot, Dual brakes, Park Brake, Empty Weight @ 507 kg. Build time 18 months from a Quick Build.

Johnny Woods Stewart Lithgow RV7   ZU-JAS  

Maiden flight was on 5 February 2009 and the aircraft belongs to Johnny Woods and Stewart Lithgow

Pierre Scheepers RV7   ZU-PJS  

Maiden flight was on 28 January 2009 and the aircraft belongs to Pierre Scheepers

AAlastair Smith and Andries Erwee RV7   ZU-LGN  

Maiden flight was on 9 June 2009

Mike  Glover RV7A Port Elizabeth ZU-FBW

First Flight Oct 2008

RV7A Lycoming O-320 fixed Pitch Sensenich Propeller MGL Voyager, Icom A210 Garmin GTX 327 Transponder

Tony van Vliet RV7 Port Elizabeth ZU-TAS I had a MGL Voyager installed along with the standard Garmin 296/SL40/327 package with a Trutrak single axis autopilot She has an O-360, swinging a fixed pitch prop and its performance has exceeded all my expectations.
Trevor  Davis RV7 Stellenbosh ZU-RVT RV-7 Standard slow build, delivered 2005 - Building time +/- 2 1/2 years (built another Quickbuild inbetween) Powered by Superior XP IO-360 horizontal injection, Hartzell C/S, Lazar Ign. Dual MGL Voyagers, Equipment: Icom ICA 200 radio, Garmin GTX327 Transponder, Digiflight2 VS A/P, Avmap 1V GPS
Juri  Keyter RV7 Krugersdorp ZU-JUR  
Stuart  Aberdein RV7   ZU-SRA ZU-SRA, flew for the first time on 15th August but he has been waiting to get pics of her with the spats on before submitting this. She has a Mattituck 0-360 swinging a Sensenich fixed pitch prop. Instrumentation includes a pair of MGL Voyager screens, MGL V-10 radio and TruTrak autopilot.
Ken Clark RV7 Queenstown ZU-KLT ZU-KLT is owned by Ken Clark in Queenstown and he is thoroughly enjoying the 200 hp Lycoming engine, Hartzell two bladed blended prop and MGL Voyager (now upgraded to the Voyager MK2 on the left and the older MGL on the right).
Normal Stapelberg RV7 Springs ZU-EUF ZU-SRA, flew for the first time on 15th August but he has been waiting to get pics of her with the spats on before submitting this. She has a Mattituck 0-360 swinging a Sensenich fixed pitch prop. Instrumentation includes a pair of MGL Voyager screens, MGL V-10 radio and TruTrak autopilot.


First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  


Peter Westmoreland RV8 Stellenbosch ZU-LUS It has a O-360 A1A and a Hartzell CS prop
Niel Collins RV8 Springs ZU-RVE    
Andrew Hurst RV8 Springs ZU-RVB   Exported to Australia
Leon Meintjes RV8 Krugersdorp ZU-RVA    
Allan Saul RV8 Cape Town Int ZU-CLI   200HP IO-360 with inverted oil and fuel system. 3 bladed MT propeller. Flying since September 2001
Hans Burger RV8 Lanseria ZU-SPD 200HP angle valve fuel injected IO-360; Hartzell constant speed propeller; Lightspeed dual electronic ignitions supplied by 2 batteries; James Aircraft plenum modified to fit Van’s Aircraft air filter system; Full IF instrument panel includes Garmin SL30  nav/com with ILS, GPS and transponder.
Jan Pienaar RV8 Fly Inn ZU-KEA  
Leon Viljoen RV8 Witbank ZU-PRV  
? ? RV8 ? ZU-DLZ   SOLD
Mike & Donovan Waite RV8   ZU-MDB Built by Robin Coss
Mervyn Roberts RV8   ZU-EBS   2nd RV for Mervyn
? ? RV8   ZU-CHI Peter: "Fitted with a Lycoming IO360 200hp engine and Hartzell C/S propeller, Lasar electronic ignition system and inverted fuel and oil systems. I installed classic round dial instruments along with a Garmin GNC 250XL Comm/GPS set and a Bendix/King altitude encoding transponder. All round a delight to fly."




RV8 What's Landing outside East Londen ZU-MPH ZU-MPH flew for the first time on June 5, delayed for months by CAA. Started as a QB kit in 2003, partially built by Rob Williamson and expertly finished by the team at Robin Coss Aviation.  An RCA360 (roller-tappet Lyc IO360 built in Robin Coss ’ engine shop) delivers 180hp through an MT prop, and she flies beautifully. Panel is simple: Dynon D10A, GPS196 talking to Digiflight IIVS, Garmin txpndr, SL40 Comm, g-meter, backup ASI & AI. PTT, AP on/off, flaps and trims on the stick-grip. Bring on the blue skies!!
Leon Viljoen RV8 Stellenbosh ZU-PRV Fitted with a Lycoming IO 360 A1 B6 Zero Time Since Major Overhaul.  This project took 10 years to complete, mostly a one man show from the spinner to the tailwheel fairing. This include the engine overhaul, installation, instruments panel, avionics wiring and worst of all the painting was done by myself.
Neil Murray RV8 Rand ZU-NRV Engine: TMX 0-360 ,Prop; Sensenich fixed pitch prop

Instruments: Mostly Vans" Steam Gauges" with DynonD10A Eifis Garmin 296 GPS Microair transponder Icom A200 com Etc.

Paul Roos RV8   ZU-JES   Built By Robin Coss for Paul Roos
Dawie Van Staden RV8 Kitty Hawk ZU-FCE    


First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  


Robey   RV9   ZU-EBF  
Pieter Nel RV9 Welkom ZU-DRF  
Alan Steward RV9 Panarama ZU-ZAP
First flight done at FACT in 30 knots wind.
The first flight was done by the famous Chalky who was out for 1.7 hours enjoying the best RV around. On his return reported no problems and in fact was impressed with ZU-ZAP. Then the time came for ME to fly well what a first flight remember that we have 30 knots at FACT , every thing was as I expected and more 


RV10's and Rockets
First Name Surname AC Type Airfield REG Photos  


Dolph Kruger RV10 Kitty Hawk ZU-TEN 260 HP Lycoming IO-540 Hartzell Constant Speed
Dave Emond RV10 Virginia ZU-RVD C
Simon Dix RV10   ZU-DIX 260 HP Lycoming IO-540 Hartzell Constant Speed
Martin Deysel RV10 Bloemfontein ZU-MRV Completed by Robin Coss
Willie Pieterse RV10 East Londen ZU-EWL   The aircraft was built by Robin Coss Aviation. The aircraft is well equipped with four Grand Rapids screens, two Garmin 296 GPS's, Garmin Radio Stack, Autopilot etc.  The test flight was conducted by Ed Gordon
Hubi Von Molkte RV10   ZU-WOW   ZU-WOW, belonging to Hubi Von Molkte and first flew on 5 May 2009.
Robert Ferreira RV10 East Londen ZU-FBS   ZU-FBS, belongs to Robert Ferreira and first flew on 09 June 2009.


Andre Labuschagne RV10 Rustenburg ZU-FBT    
Danny de Wit F1 Rocket Stellenbosch     260 HP Lycoming IO-540 MT Prop Constant Speed