Planned: Mozambique 16-21 MAY 2007.


Hi all RVators,

As promised herewith the detail of the Mocambique Fly-out for 2007. This is promising to be an experience not to be missed! The attachments are self explanatory. I have decided to send this out although we are awaiting confirmation of the Bazzaruto rates.

It is important that you read all the attachments carefully. More important is to make the decision, book your place and pay the registration fees due before end December 2006. We are planning on 20 aircraft on a first come first serve basis of which 10 spots are allowed for RVís and 10 for pyp and lap aircraft. However, we will see how booking progress and decide if any changes are necessary.

When you register with Horrace, please also let me know so that I know who to talk to.

Remember, we are organizing the fly-out but you have to do all your own bookings! Briefing will take place as per the Briefing Notes attached. Flight Plans will be filed on your behalf and route details handed out at the briefing.

This is going to be good fun!!!!


moz_fly_away_2007_briefing_v5.pdf (version 9 Jan 2007