2010 NEWS:

[MAR '10]

Juri wins Grand Champion at EAA Sun'n'Fun


Norman's ZU-EUF flies!

Norman: "ZU-EUF RV7 took to the sky for the first time with no problems, at the helm was Dave King who I must say thank you to for all the support he has given me over the past 4 years during the building process. She is equipped with a Lycoming 0-360, Sensenich prop fixed pitch, Odyssey with Icom A200 radio. She performs as per VANís figures. "


[FEB '10]: ZU-KLT flies!

Tony: "A belated note to all, RV 7 build number 71979 flew its first flight on 15 December 2009 and steadily building up hours. ZU-KLT is owned by Ken Clark in Queenstown and he is thoroughly enjoying the 200 hp Lycoming engine, Hartzell two bladed blended prop and MGL Voyager (now upgraded to the Voyager MK2 on the left and the older MGL on the right). The plane was built in Port Elizabeth by Tony Bailes and his team."



[JAN '10]: HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it be a fantastic RViation Year!


Stuart Aberdein: "My RV-7, ZU-SRA, flew for the first time on 15th August but he has been waiting to get pics of her with the spats on before submitting this. She has a Mattituck 0-360 swinging a Sensenich fixed pitch prop. Instrumentation includes a pair of MGL Voyager screens, MGL V-10 radio and TruTrak autopilot. She was built by Grant Beattie in about 12 months and flies like a dream. Cheers, Stuart Aberdein"


Your website admin are still amazed at these little aircraft. Rudi did a trip JHB to Plettenberg Baai in his RV7 (just less than 1,000 km) in 3 Hours 30 minutes and only used 93 liters of mogas, with luggage for 2 for a week and 2 empty Jerry Cans...Amazing!

More details over here: http://www.avcom.co.za/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=665822#p665822




2009 NEWS:

[DEC '09]: Juri put his RV7 into the sky:

Juri has been flying a month or two already, but only sent pictures now. He's got a nice duel MGL Odyssey installation.


[NOV '09]: We have two more RV's taking to the skies:

First up is Tony van Vliet: "Built by Tony Bailes and his team in PE , she first flew on August the 8th and has thusfar completed 40 trouble free hours. I had a MGL Voyager installed along with the standard Garmin 296/SL40/327 package with a Trutrak single axis autopilot She has an O-360, swinging a fixed pitch prop and its performance has exceeded all my expectations."


Then Trevor Davis' RV7 flew at Stellenbosh


[OCT '09]

We have a new advertiser to help pay the web site hosting costs, he will be in the "Completed" and "Current Builders Page". Pierre van der Walt is a well know AP and he now caters for RV's as well and is an alternative for the Gauteng and Inland owners.


Dawie van Staden's RV8 flies. Nice Paint Scheme!


[SEP '09]

Andre Labuschagne completed a beautiful RV10 ZU-FBT: The specifics is still outstanding but I believe it is fitted with Dual Screen MGL Voyagers.



[Aug '09]

- Updated the 'Current Builders' and 'Completed RV's' sections

- Fly-in: RV Lotus day at Kitty Hawk 22 November 2009

We would like to get as many RVís as possible to Kitty Hawk on the day. We will publish the full programme closer to the time. I know there are a number of RV pilots involved in aerobatic competitions and we would like to also know who of these RVators would be prepared to give us a display on the day. Please let me know. We are also planning a RV formation flying item for the day. Contact Dolph Kruger


[Jul '09]

Robin Coss puts 3 more in the skies and Rudi Goes to Victoria Falls in his RV

ZU-WOW, belonging to Hubi Von Molkte and first flew on 5 May 2009.
ZU-LGN, belongs to Alastair Smith and Andries Erwee and first flew on 09 July 2009.
ZU-FBS, belongs to Robert Ferreira and first flew on 09 June 2009.


[Apr '09]

Robin Coss puts 2 more in the skies:

ZU-JAS. Maiden flight was on 5 February 2009 and the aircraft belongs to Johnny Woods and Stewart Lithgow

ZU-PJS. Maiden flight was on 28 January 2009 and the aircraft belongs to Pierre Scheepers


[Mar '09]

Hensaw Record Attempt fund raising:

Chalkie is going to attempt to break the Henshaw record (which has been standing for 70 years) for a flight from Cape Town to London and back. This is planned for early May 2009 and the aim at doing it in less than 4 days.


Through the years Chalkie has done a lot for RV builders and pilots spending many days not only sharing his knowledge, signing out our aircraft, doing test flights, and many more without expecting anything in return. Well, we now need your help and generosity to make this dream come true.


We need about R140k of which we have now R68k in our bank account. The over flight costs over Africa alone is almost R60k. We are asking for donations. Any amount will be welcome. You can find more details at www.henshaw-challenge.com  You can pay any donations into the bank account as given on the web site. No amount would be too small!!!


[Feb '09]

Nico Coetzee's RV flies:

Mattituck IO-360 C/S, Interior by Aero Classic Design, Dynon EMS 120, Dynon EFIS D100, Garmin Audio Panel. Garmin SL30, Garmin 327 Transponder, Garmin 296
Trutrak Auto Pilot, Dual brakes, Park Brake, Empty Weight @ 507 kg. Build time 18 months from a Quick Build.


[Jan '09]

Rand Airport Fun Rally:

15 Aircraft took part in the Fun Rally, 3 of them RV's. The RV's did very well, from right to left, taking 1st, 3rd and 5th position respectively. I can recommend it to all, it is great fun and will hone your flying and map reading skills. See http://www.sapfa.org.za/ for the next event.


Oshkosh 2009 RV Trip by Air:
Jeff Sharman is planning a trip to the Great show at Oshkosh and inviting RV builders and fliers or any one that is interested to accompany them in their aircraft, for a scenic USA trip/tour. The idea is to have up to 12 Pilots or Passengers: Six to fly East Bound to Oshkosh and then six the reverse the trip West bound back to San Francisco, we have six RV Aircraft at our disposal of which three of them Jeff Sharman built. The trip, planned is as follows:

Day one,
Flight over the Famous Golden Gate Bridge and see all the sights of San Francisco

Day two,
Depart Vacaville California climb to 13000 feet over the spectacular Lake Tahoe en route to Jackpot Nevada for our first fuel stop (+/- 2.5 hrs flight). Then on to West Yellow Stone National Park in Montana where we will spend the night (+/- 2hrs flight).

Day three,
We will have a tour of +/- 5hrs of this Famous Park and see old Faithful. After lunch we will depart for Custer in South Dakota (+/- 2hrs flight) where we will visit Mount Rushmore where there is a show in the evening of this Great Monument and spend the night there.

Day four,
On to Oshkosh with a stop for fuel and lunch some where in Minnesota and then on the Wonderful experience of joining the mass of aircraft and flying into the Greatest Fly in the World

The cost for this trip is planned on covering our expenses namely fuel and accommodation. The trip will be in the region of 12 hours flying each way, fuel burn +/-9 gals per hour. Three nights in hotels enroute to and from Oshkosh

$980.00 should cover the trip one way, more accurate costs will be provided once we know what interest we have.

Jeff Sharman,

(00) +1 707 486 2914


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