2008 NEWS:

[Dec '08]

Robin Coss rings out another one ZU-JES for Paul Roos, and Miss-Behave changes hands to Neil Vorster and Neil Jackson registered now as ZU-FCC.

The RV12 kit is getting popular with 4 confirmed builders in South Africa now, and Dennis a new RV7 builder sent us a picture of his Vertical Stab


Your Website Admin goes on a Coast to Coast trip in his RV Zulu 7 and takes lots of pictures, click on any one to go to the story on Avcom...


[Nov '08] Neil's RV8 Flies, Rudi tries his hand at a RV12 and Jan Starts RVbits.com

Jan Hanekom has started www.RVbits.com: The purpose of this website is to provide a service to mainly ALL South African RV builders and flyers, keeping the fact in mind that we are so far away from our "Mothership" in Aurora in the USA.


Neil Murray: "Build time was 3yrs & 1 month. The build was overseen by Chalky and we finally did the test flight at rand on Saturday 11th Oct 2008.All went well, except for the oil temp running on the high side. Flew like most RVs- absolutely hands off! I've since fitted a 9 core oil cooler and on the second test flight the oil temp was down by approx 30 F. Also some pics attached of my "Metal Mistress".

Rudi Greyling has started building a RV12, Vans Aircraft's answer to the Light Sport Plane category. This one goes together with POP rivets and powered by a 100HP Rotax 912S engine. Estimated build time is 1/2 that of traditional RV i.e. 600-900 hours. Here are some of his first Pictures, more information on his website: www.RudiGreyling.com


[30 SEP] National Aerobatic Pilot Training Camp 

If you have ever wanted to get into aerobatics now you have your chance!

The KPA, in conjunction with the Sport Aerobatic Club of SA, is hosting the first Aerobatic Extravaganza in the country and this promises to be a great event with all the top aerobatic pilots on hand to introduce you to the fabulous world of competition aerobatics.

The main aim of the event is to promote competition aerobatics to pilots that would love to get involved but have never had the chance or just don’t know how to go about getting started.

 There will be ground school courses followed by an introduction to aerobatic flying with an instructor, either in your own aerobatic rated airy or, for a small fee, in a thoroughbred machine.

Cliff Lotter a fellow RVator is helping to organise this event. Please feel free to contact him on: O8TWO-855-555O


[16 SEP] Lots of RV's got done the past 3 months

Your friendly web admin was busy finalising his own RV the past 3 months, hence the few updates, BUT below is a list of RV's that got completed during this time.

1. Robin Coss Completed Martin Deysels' RV10 ZU-MRV

2 Robin Coss Completed Angelo Lupini's RV7A ZU-EXN. Some very nice pictures with snow on the mountains in the background

3. Robin Coss Completed Willie Pieterse's RV10 ZU-EWL

4. Chris from Margate completed his RV 6. He Registered it in Swazi land and got a nice registration 3D-VAN.

5. Leon Viljoen from Witbank completed his RV -8, ZU-PRV. Proven flight done on 30th August by Andrew Hurst. "It Flies like a Rocket"  

6. Your website admin (Rudi Greyling) finished his own RV 'zulu' 7 i.e. ZU-LUZ and picked up 2 trophies at EAA Sun and Fun


[17 June] Jan and Hugo's 2nd RV7 flies

Jan and Hugo's 2nd RV7A is in the air, and a week later it already has 10 hours on the clock!


[7 June] Rob Williamson & Niels Andersen's RV8 Flies

Rob : "ZU-MPH flew for the first time on Thursday June 5, delayed for months by CAA. Started as a QB kit in 2003, partially built by Rob Williamson and expertly finished by the team at Robin Coss Aviation. Based at What’s Landing outside East London , this RV8 is co-owned by Rob Williamson and Niels Andersen . An RCA360 (roller-tappet Lyc IO360 built in Robin Coss ’ engine shop) delivers 180hp through an MT prop, and she flies beautifully. Panel is simple: Dynon D10A, GPS196 talking to Digiflight IIVS, Garmin txpndr, SL40 Comm, g-meter, backup ASI & AI. PTT, AP on/off, flaps and trims on the stick-grip. Bring on the blue skies!!"


Rudi Moved his aircraft to his Springs Hangar.

After 3 years it is going to the hangar, and after a long day they wings are on for good this time. PS Remember to come have a look during the FREE springs Breakfast 12 Jul.


[30 May] Lots of new news

Your web administrator has been a busy body trying to get his own airplane to flying status, so the web site updates have been few, but here are a couple updates

FREE Breakfast fly-in and inspect Rudi's soon to be Ready RV7

- Join in for the ANNUAL FREE Springs Airfield Breakfast Fly-IN for everyone that arrives via air. It is on the SAT 12 July 2008. Come and inspect Rudi's (your friendly web-admin) new hangar and new RV7 that soon will be flying at the same time at Springs. Phone Rudi for more 083-245-9955


Robert Theiner's newly completed RV 7A, ZU-RTE

Robert: "It's got a new RCA Lycoming ( O-360-A4M ) engine with roller tappet technology from Robin Coss. Sensenich fixed pitch propeller2 x Enigmas from MGL Avionics for navigation and engine monitoring, fuel flow and GPS, Garmin GTX 327 Transponder, Garmin SL 40 Com Radio, Vans airspeed indicator analogue, analogue VSI and Altimeter and IPOD dock. Nav lights, landing lights, taxi lights and strobes. Interiors from Classic Aero design in Albany, Oregon: 2-Tone grey and red Aviator leather seats with matching grey carpeting, map pockets with soundproof carpeting. Paint job by Robin Coss Aviation."

Current Builders Updated

- Both Jan Hanekom and Andy Lawrence decided to try their hand at a RV10



[5 Mar] Mike Miller's RV7 Flies

Mike: "Attached are a few pics of the inaugural day (Sunday morning 2 march). Everything went as well as hoped/anticipated and better. I have also included a few other arb pics. Miller family trying to be fair with the bubbly. Pic of survival equipment stowage tube in the rear. The panel with map boxes that allow you the option of not having to fold the map like a hanky, also useful place for the car keys, jelly babies and other essentials. Also pics of the multi-purpose side way brackets, which are handy. Looking forward to getting involved with the RV fraternity. Cheers, Mike"


[28 FEB] Alan Steward's RV9 Flies

ALAN: "Well my RV has been finished since December 2007 but due to the CAA it was only flown on the 24-02-2008 , first I must thank Robin Coss and ALL the staff at Cossaviation for a most wonderful experience . They have built and delivered a beautiful aircraft which they can be proud of and I am most certainly proud of. First flight done at FACT in 30 knots wind. The first flight was done by the famous Chalky who was out for 1.7 hours enjoying the best RV around.

On his return reported no problems and in fact was impressed with ZU-ZAP.( HAD THE RV GRIN AS WELL). Then the time came for ME to fly well what a first flight remember that we have 30 knots at FACT , every thing was as I expected and more . I was a little surprised that the controls are a little heavier than the RV7 but just perfect for my ability. Actually the flight was a non event except that we achieved 190 knots ground speed with 145 indicated air speed at one point WOW. Yes I most certainly had the RV grin on the ground.

I am happy my plane is now flying we must just complete the 25 hours and my conversion as quick as possible and then I will bring ZU-ZAP to home base at Panorama"


[28 FEB] New Builder - Martin Venn

Martin Venn recently got his RV7 kit and he is building pretty fast in Cape Town, look him up on www.facebook.com


[20 FEB] September Formation Flying

Keep your September open for some formation flying. Details will be forth coming.


[15 FEB] Mocambique trip 26 April openings

Some of our airline guys had to withdraw due to shortage of pilots (we told “them” so). There are 3 slots available for our Mocambique trip and Horrace suggested we offer these to the RV pilots first. Anyone would like to go with? We depart on the 26 April and return more or less 30 April or 1 May (some are staying longer). Let me know if there are any takers and I will let you have the detail. Dolph 082 651 2312


[14 FEB] Sardine Run Fly-in: Margate 13-16 June

- Dolph is trying to organise the RV Sardine Run Fly-in to Margate and hopefully we will see the Sardines Migrate as well.


[11 JAN] Happy New Year Everyone, may it be a Successful and glorious RV year. (May this be also the year I finish my project to join the flyers ;-)

The year started very good after the recent problems we have experienced with SACAA seemingly sorted out.

- RV registrations have been going through and build numbers have been issued again. Thanks to Robin Coss, Chris v/d Hoof at EAA and Aeroclub and numerous other individuals who have helped with this.

- All the NTCA problems are not sorted out yet, but at least we know Aeroclub and CAA are working on it and listening and communicating. See these 3 pages of information release by Aeroclub on the NTCA issues


In have also updated the builders and completed RV section.

Under Completed RVs:

1. RV6 - Gabi and Anton have sold DHP.  Don't know who the new owner is.

2. RV7 - You have Steve Pattinson with ZU-RVZ - This never happened.  He has emigrated.

3. RV7 - RVZ (Miss-Chiff) now has 185hrs!!!

4. RV9s - EBF is now owned by Robey


New Builders:

1. RV7 - Noel Phoroah in Rustenburg

2. RV7 - Jury Keyter in Krugersdorp

3. RV8 - Johan van Niekerk in Capetown

4. RV8 - Dawie van Staden in Wierda-Park

5. RV8 - Datus Immink in Nelspruit

6. RV10 - André Labuschagne in Rustenburg


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