Lalibela Game Reserve Fly-in: May 2005.

An amazing week-end was experienced by 9 RV owners at Lalibela Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape. All nine RV's arrived on Friday 6 May from various parts of SA for a wonderful lunch time braai alongside the grass strip at Lalibela Game Reserve - a big 5 reserve outside Grahamstown. RV from Durban, Johannesburg, Brits, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and even as far a field as Harare were heartily welcomed to the lodge where a weekend of eating, game drives and of course some flying was planned for all.

Saturday had some short flying planned to show off the Eastern Cape a bit and refuelling opportunities. The flock of RV's did a short trip to Tony Bailes and Johnny Fereira's runway in Sunland close to Addo, followed by some formation flying to Port Elizabeth to refuel. FAPE enjoyed seeing 6 RV's landing in neat formation!

Thereafter, back to Lalibela along the coast, where once again Lalibela staff spoiled us rotten with ice cold drinks and late lunch. A wonderful evening at the lodge after some more game driving included cultural dances and a huge delicious supper.

Sundays saw some early risers getting out early, while others enjoyed a later start after brunch. A special thanks goes to all the staff, especially Rick and Sue, for the wonderful weekend. We all enjoyed the hospitality and the friendliness of everyone at Lalibela.

The RV's arrived at Lalibela.


RV pilots having a good breakfast


Co-pilot Zelda from Brits


RV pilots treated to some cultural dancing


Johann getting Janine back for the triple brandy.


Johnny Ferreira in action


Martin and Graham from Zimbabwe