Oct 2007: Gariep Dam Formation Flying

2: Ah - Ha...Found a spot to squeeze another one in

3: Rush hour @ Gariep - Lined up for the aerial photo shoot. Andy Lawrence's 6 in the foreground.

4:Cliff Lotter and instuctor Kobus Griesel. Kobus's first flight in a decent airy! Cool Man - This is what it's all about.

5: You think only flying is fun. Made most of these all myself

6: Jaaa Boet

7: Andy Lawrence Just practicing his RRV grin.

8: Peter Westmoreland with his 8. "Ow- I thought I could sneak a cold one on the quiet"

9: My other love in my other hand ;-0

10: Come on man - I've been there and done that....No I don't need to push

11: Yep, me and ma steed - Roy Rogers

12: Just going with the ebb and flow...

13: If only I had a mag...

14: You mean this funny thing in front?

15: Now, if I could just keep her steady for long enough - The first in SA and still looking cute!

16: Bet you can't flap your wings like mine

17: Now, listen here Sonny

18: Dunno, but my ball always seems to be out to the right!

19: If you want to know what's between my legs - it's my Tweety! ;-)

20: Desert Rat

21: Magless but still smiling

22: Cliff Lotter and instructor Trevor "the G-Junkie" Bernberg. Just need some fur on the dash and away we go.

23: Open up big and wide and say: RVZZZzzzzz.....

24: Ready for Lift off.